New MGA use and registration is limited to government agencies in Minnesota. New users must notify their Agency Account Manager that they have registered for New MGA so that an access request can be submitted. Find more information about New MGA through the link below.

New MGA Overview

** Live WebEx training sessions and additional training materials now available for New MGA. **

Access to this service is for authorized personnel only conducting official business. Court Records or Court Documents shall not be accessed for personal or non-official use or any use that is not a legitimate governmental business need. All access points are logged, tracked and maintained and are subject to audits and/or investigations. Reports of misuse shall be promptly investigated, and prompt and appropriate corrective action shall be taken. Violations will result in termination of access and severance of a contract, as applicable. Inappropriate access may also result in other civil and criminal liability.

Online government access to case records and documents is unavailable every Sunday from 10 a.m. until approximately 4 p.m. for regular system maintenance.

New MGA Support Options